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Having A Property Insurance Claim Denied Is A Financial Shocker

Property Insurance Claim From Fire

Property Claim Denied! – A Financial Headache No Policyholder Anticipates Most property insurance claims are paid without a problem or conflict. But sometimes a claims denial becomes a nightmare for the policyholder – and they are becoming more common. When Hollywood actress Shannen Doherty won her $6.3 million property insurance lawsuit against State Farm last…
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Destroying Your Property Insurance Industry

Property insurance claim denied

Florida is an example of what Texas should avoid. Assignment of benefits, massive fraud, and a state with a wrecked property insurance industry. Texas property owners should be aware of the financial train wreck in Florida so they can avoid the same pitfalls that are destroying the property assets of Florida business owners and home…
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The 20 Year Secrets Of The Goodyear G159 Tire Find The Light Of Day

Tire blowouts of defective tires can cause fatal car accidents

Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company Recalls 170,000 Tires It is gut wrenching to read about the Goodyear executives and Board of Directors and their decisions to hide a tire safety issue from the public and federal regulators. When a car, truck, recreational vehicle (RV), or any equipment has experienced a relatively high failure rate in…
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Car Accident Lawsuits Are The Result Reckless Drivers

Car Accident Lawyer in Houston and The Woodlands

Find A Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Finding a personal injury lawyer in Houston is easier than most people imagine according to LeMaster & Ahmed, leading personal injury attorneys and car accident lawyers in Houston and The Woodlands metro area. People who have been injured usually don’t know where to turn when they feel they should…
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PTSD And Related Disorders From Car Accident Trauma

Car accident lawyers help victims recover compensation for the negligence of other drivers.

PTSD And Related Emotional Distress Impact Survivors Of Car Accidents Violent car wrecks do more than damage a victim’s body. They impact an individual’s emotional and psychological health, according to Nejat Ahmed, a leading car accident lawyer and personal injury attorney in Plano and the Dallas metro area. Victims who survive these high-impact car accidents,…
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The Truth Is Most People Are Mediocre Or Lousy Drivers

Careless and Reckless driving can result in car accidents and injured people.

Car Crashes Contribute The Majority of Personal Injury Lawsuits In Texas Most car crashes are the result of driver error. Negligence is near or at the top of the list. The vast majority of Texas drivers don’t know all of the driving rules or they fail to follow them. The reason there are so many…
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Who Gets Sued In Personal Injury Lawsuits And How To Win

Car Accident that resulting from a speeding and reckless driver

A personal injury attorney will cast a wide net to identify and include all reckless and responsible parties when their client has been injured. Then they will craft strategies to win the personal injury lawsuit against all of them. “Every day in this country people are injured due to the negligence or recklessness of others…
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Property Insurance Lawyers In Texas Find Evolving Laws Challenging

The Texas winter storm of 2021 resulted in billions of dollars of damage and property insurance claims.

“A wake-up call to many property insurance lawyers in Texas,” described Plano area LeMaster & Ahmed property insurance attorney Nejat Ahmed, who recently contributed to the most recent issue of The Journal of Texas Insurance Law. “At its core it was an analysis of the recent changes in property insurance law in Texas with legal…
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Review Your Business Policy NOW: Recently Filed COVID-19 Business Insurance Cases Signal the Start of Coverage Litigation

With a record number of Americans filing for unemployment (about 3.3m) amid the COVID-19 crisis, the economic fallout is beginning to be felt by employers and employees alike. Now more than ever, business owners should be analyzing their financial health and determining what course of action to take going forward, particularly in the short term….
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