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Review Your Business Policy NOW: Recently Filed COVID-19 Business Insurance Cases Signal the Start of Coverage Litigation

With a record number of Americans filing for unemployment (about 3.3m) amid the COVID-19 crisis, the economic fallout is beginning to be felt by employers and employees alike. Now more than ever, business owners should be analyzing their financial health and determining what course of action to take going forward, particularly in the short term….
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Business Interruption Insurance and The Coronavirus: What Does It Mean to Small Businesses Everywhere?

There is no question the coronavirus will have lasting impacts upon just about every aspect of our lives—health and safety, social, emotional, and economic.  This virus may likely be our generation’s defining moment that we will teach our kids and grandkids about for decades to come. The economic toll of the virus on small businesses…
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Texas Supreme Court Confirms “Eight-Corners Rule,” A Win For Policyholders

Why Hire An Insurance Attorney?

The “eight-corners rule” has often been cited in Texas courts by insurance lawyers for the proposition that an insurer’s duty to defend is determined by the claims alleged in the petition and the coverage provided by the policy.  The “eight-corners” refers to the four corners of the policy and the four corners of the petition. …
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Houston Warehouse Explosion Leaves Tremendous Damage

A warehouse explosion in west Houston caused multiple people to jolt out of bed this Friday morning as reports show the event left excessive damage and could be felt miles away. The incident happened at 4:30 A.M inside the Watson Grinding and Manufacturing factory, which makes valves and provides thermal-spray coating for various professional equipment….
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Dallas Is Still Handling Damage from October Tornadoes

It was on October 20th, 2019 when many Texans had their daily lives changes forever. That Sunday night a recorded 10 tornadoes tore through the North Dallas area. The National Weather Service surveyors determined that the tornadoes were on the ground for more than 15 miles and tore up a path of about three-quarters of…
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TWIA Wind Insurance Rate Analysis

twia rate analysis

It’s not surprising that storm-related insurance rates are increasing with the growing frequency of severe storms along the coast of Texas. Included among growing insurance claims in Texas are wind damage issues.   Nearly every year the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA) gears up for their annual August gathering and their rate analysis determines that the…
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New Ruling From The Texas Supreme Court Reverses Previous Decision on Appraisal Process

Bad Faith Appraisal Law

We have property insurance for a reason. When circumstances out of our control destroy our property and belongings, we expect our insurers to step in and recalibrate our lives. Sometimes, however, they do the exact opposite. Frequently, insurance providers outright deny or refuse to process claims from their policyholders. What happens when our insurer rejects…
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