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Client Testimonials

Very great law firm the staff is amazing and it feels like everyone is there to help best set of people I've dealt with so far
Bru Johnson Google review by Bru Johnson

LeMaster and Ahmed, PLLC not only handled my case in an exemplary manner, but they always kept me informed. Working with Jennifer LeMaster I felt as every detail of my claim was thoroughly explained, and my questions were clearly answered. I truly appreciated her knowledge and experience. For her honesty, compassion, dedication, skill, and professionalism, she earns my deepest respect. Without hesitation, I would recommend LeMaster and Ahmed to anyone who wants to be treated with compassion and respect. Very thankful for their team!!
Heater Candrian Google review by Heater Candrian

LeMaster & Ahmed made my painful situation much less of a pain. I was involved in a car accident and Jennifer and Nejat helped me out. I didn't have to deal with the headaches of fighting with the insurance companies. These nice ladies took care of everything for me. Their first concerns were getting me the proper medical treatment I needed. After my treatment was over they worked hard making sure that all the medical bills were paid and I was compensated accordingly. I'm very pleased that they took my case. They were a pleasure to do business with.
blake butler Google review by blake butler

I am a board certified personal injury attorney and had a seriously injured client but sticky coverage issues. Jennifer and Nejat brought their industry-insider knowledge and experience to the case and helped chamge the insurer's perspective from no-coverage to a risk of coverage it was not willing to take. We made a great recovery on a difficult case which I attribute to their expertise and the insurer's recognition of that expertise.
Jane Leger Google review by Jane Leger

LeMaster and Ahmed, PLLC did a fantastic job working on my personal injury case. I primarily worked with Jennifer LeMaster and from the beginning she was very upfront with me about what to expect throughout the process. The stress of trying to deal with the other party's insurance company was lifted off my shoulders, which was a huge relief to me! She worked with insurance companies, hospitals, and doctor's offices to negotiate a fair settlement. She communicated with me throughout the entire process so that I knew what was happening and what to expect next. I would highly recommend LeMaster and Ahmed, PLLC.
Jennifer Tewold Google review by Jennifer Tewold

I went with LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC for a home owners insurance claim. I would highly recommend Nejat and Jennifer. I worked primarily with Nejat, since I am located in the Dallas metroplex. Nejat is very professional. She takes the time to explain the entire process so that anyone can understand it. It doesn't matter how many questions you have. She is prompt with her responses and available to talk whenever you need to. Nejat and Jennifer had a great strategy for my case. Most importantly, it yielded the result I was looking for. You could tell they both have the right experience for the job and are masterful in their execution.
Thomas Bigos Google review by Thomas Bigos

We were referred to Jennifer LeMaster and Nejat Ahmed by an acquaintance, to help us with a homeowners insurance dispute. Having never needed an attorney before, we were apprehensive about the process and how we would be treated. However, we quickly become very comfortable with Jennifer and Nejat. During all of our encounters, we never felt rushed or that our legal circumstance was not important. It became very evident that Jennifer and Nejat treat their clients equally, no matter the size of the claim. Their knowledge of the law and their ability to explain complex legal concepts to non-lawyers was very comforting. Both Jennifer and Nejat were extremely well versed in the laws pertaining to our case, which lead to a well thought-out course of action. Communication was never an issue as Jennifer proactively provided updates to us on a regular basis. Our family was never in the dark as to the status of our legal action and what we could expect next. Promptly responding to emails, calls, texts assured us that we were important to Jennifer and Nejat and not just another case number. Jennifer and Nejat both were very engaging and personable, always taking the time to make sure we understood what was occurring legally. We knew Jennifer and Nejat were personally invested in getting the very best outcome possible. The empathy, understanding, and compassion showed to our family by Jennifer and Nejat completely eliminated all of the stress related to complex legal matters. If you are looking for outstanding personalized legal representation, from an atypical law firm with unmatched ethics, exceptional negotiating skills, combined with the legal prowess few can match, then we highly recommend Jennifer LeMaster and Nejat Ahmed at LeMaster & Ahmed PLCC.
Tom Swindell Google review by Tom Swindell

Nejat and Jennifer did an excellent job. They were able to guide me through the entire process, clearly and efficiently. We were very satisfied with the results and highly recommend them.
Brad Niese Google review by Brad Niese

Both of these attorneys are so helpful. We were battling a claim with our homeowner insurance and they gave us insight, advice and put us in contact with reliable appraisers. If you need representation for an insured, give them a call!
Cydney Huckins Google review by Cydney Huckins

I am very pleased with the quality of service and professionalism that you Jennifer LeMaster and your company LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC provided to me. Its always hard to have a situation and then need to look for the right attorney to represent your case. I must say, you listened and understood me as the client and that was very important to me and my case. I highly recommend you to others, because of your sense of urgency and detail to issues. Your skills as an attorney are remarkable. You truly take time with your client and that is always important and appreciated.
Dr. Myeshi Briley Google review by Dr. Myeshi Briley

Jennifer LeMaster is and excellent attorney and definitely top notch . This firm helped us with what we thought would be a complicated case at difficult time in our life . Jennifer was extremely knowledgeable in the laws pertaining to our case and knew how to use them to our advantage. Jennifer kept us informed with everything that was going on with our case and what we should expect . Always answered calls texts and emails promptly . Shes Smart and Very personable .Were extremely satisfied with the results obtain guarding our case. We will definitely refer all our family and friends to LeMaster and Ahmed Attorney at Law.
Sharon Blackman Google review by Sharon Blackman

Excellent work by Jennifer and the staff at LeMaster & Ahmed! I couldn't be happier with the results of their work! Thank you very much!
Bryan Braddock Google review by Bryan Braddock

Jennifer LeMaster and her business partner Nejat Ahmed have proven to be the atypical law firm by providing personalized and exceptional legal advice. They work effectively in their client's best interest and treat each case as a priority regardless of the size of the case. If you are looking for an extraordinary law firm with ethics, great negotiation and litigation skills, as well as providing successful results, then I highly recommend that you retain Jennifer and Nejat. I have been using LeMaster & Ahmed Law Firm for over two years and they have proven invaluable to my business.
Jim Lombardi

It is with much enthusiasm that we recommend Nejat Ahmed of LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC; as she came very highly recommended to us.

We found Ms. Ahmed's wide-range intellect such that she was able to meet the necessary criteria required to execute a favorable resolve for our insurance claim related case. She displayed a level of legal creativity and analytical thought that is often quite rare among attorney's; thus we found her legal performance superior.

We found Ms. Ahmed's attentiveness, research skills, professionalism, and promptness, as it related to our case - phenomenal. Not only would we recommend her to family and friends for any legal matters they may encounter; but we would certainly call upon Ms. Ahmed's legal expertise for any future legal matters we may encounter.

Please let us know if we can provide any additional information to strengthen the recommendation for Nejat Ahmed's and LeMaster & Ahmed PLLC.

Sharon and Warren Endick

Jennifer LeMaster's legal knowledge and professionalism resolved my conflict professionally and efficiently. She kept me updated as to my legal options during the process. I felt she had my best interest at heart. She helped me through a very difficult time.
Marceline “Cookie” Sutter

I do not know what I would have done without the lawyers at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC. When my house totally burned down and my son and I were left with nothing, I thought everything would be okay because I had insurance coverage. I was shocked when my insurer denied the claim, and felt I had nowhere to turn. Then, I met the lawyers at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC, and they were able to get a settlement that not only enabled me to buy a new home but to rebuild my life. They were knowledgeable and they fought for me and my son. I highly recommend them to anyone that has a problem with their insurance coverage.
Kevin Weisheit

I highly recommend the lawyers of LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC. They are very knowledgeable and skilled in insurance law and they were able to settle my claim for more than enough to make me whole. Jennifer LeMaster worked very hands-on my case and always took the time to respond to phone calls, emails, and texts. She fought hard for every settlement dollar and negotiated a better result than I could have imagined. I will use this firm for all of my insurance-related legal needs.
Shannon Hammons

The attorneys, Nejat Ahmed and Jennifer LeMaster, were very attentive and thorough. They answered my many questions and guided me through the process from beginning to end. They took the time even after the case was over (a good outcome) to call to check how I was doing and inquire if I had any questions.

I will, and have, highly recommend, the Law firm of LeMaster & Ahmed. I will use them again, I am very satisfied with their legal representation!

Veronica C

I hired Nejat to represent me in a contractual dispute. Nejat provided excellent service and was extremely responsive to all my questions and concerns. She even took the time to explain the process and legal descriptions after hours. She was very knowledgeable of employee contracts and found issues during the process. I highly recommend LeMaster and Ahmed Attorneys at Law.
Teena Davis