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The Woodlands Property Damage Lawyer

Your home or business is an incredibly important asset. When that property has been damaged or destroyed, the losses from that event can be extremely stressful both financially and emotionally for residential or commercial property owners. That is why property damage insurance coverage is vital to property owners and a wrongful denial can be devastating.

Policyholders who have been a victim of property damage, whether it be fire, theft, flooding, or other disaster, should not have to fight for coverage. Insurance companies should uphold their promise by providing a fair, prompt and equitable settlement. If you believe you are not being treated fairly by your insurance company, consult an property insurance claims attorney.

Property Damage Claims Lawyer in The Woodlands, Texas

After spending a great deal of money on premiums, you expect your insurance company to also work hard for you by promptly adjusting and paying your claim. Stop struggling through the claims process with stubborn adjusters and instead consult The Woodlands property insurance dispute lawyers at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC. The property damage claim attorneys at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC will fight on your behalf and use their experience to get you the coverage owed under your property insurance policy.

Take the step in receiving the coverage you are entitled to under your policy. Contact the attorneys at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC to set up your first case evaluation. LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC assists policyholders throughout the greater Montgomery County area including Conroe, The Woodlands, Montgomery, Houston, Magnolia, Willis, New Caney, Splendora and Shenandoah.

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Types of Property Damage Claims in Texas

Residential or commercial property owners can file a property damage claim if their insured home or business experienced loss from a covered risk or peril. Most property damage claims are related to physical harm done to the policyholder’s property such as fire or wind damage. However, a policyholder can file for property damage for theft or crime-related reasons. For example, a business can file a property damage claim if a robbery occurred and the business experienced loss as a result.

Listed below are some common property damage claims filed by policyholders.

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Why Was My Property Damage Claim Denied?

It can be incredibly frustrating to go through the claims process, only to be met a denial. Insurance companies can deny a claim for a myriad of reasons such as suspicions of fraud or property owner negligence. However, some insurance companies engage in unfair settlement practices such as unreasonable delaying adjustment of the claim or denying a valid claim after liability has become reasonably clear. Insurance companies who use these unfair settlement practices are in breach of their contract and could be held liable in court as a result.

Listed below are some unfair settlement practices found under the Insurance Code.

  • Intentionally misrepresenting facts or policy provisions related to coverage issue;
  • Failure to attempt in good faith to provide a fair, timely and equitable settlement;
  • Denying a claim without setting up a reasonable investigation;
  • Denying a claim without a reasonable explanation for the denial; and
  • Attempting to enforce a full and final release of a claim when only partial payment has been made by the insurance company.

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Property Damage Loss Statistics in Texas

Data shows that Texas ranks an 8 on a 1-to-8 low-to-high-risk scale. That means the state could experience up to nine different natural events at disastrous levels.   You can see the financial impact of these natural disasters by taking a look at a report made by the Texas Department of Insurance in 2017. Listed below is some residential property loss data collected by the TDI for the first three quarters of 2016.

Type of Property Damage Residential Property Paid Losses
Hail Damage $4.3 B
Fire Damage $.05 B
Wind Damage $.08 B
Water Damage $.05 B
Other $.02 B

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Local Court Resources for Montgomery County, Texas

Montgomery County District Courts – The Montgomery County District Court have original jurisdiction for all civil matters in which at least $200 is being disputed in damages. Access the site to learn the contact information for your local district court, download the Civil Case Information Sheet provided by the court, and the local rules.

Montgomery County Clerk – Visit the official website of Montgomery County to learn about their County Clerk, who acts as the official registrar and historian for the court. Access the site to search civil court records, investigate self-help resources, download important forms and other important relevant information.

Texas Insurance Code – Visit the official website for the Texas Statutes to read the Insurance Code, which lists out all laws and regulations insurance companies must follow. Access the statutes to learn more about bad faith actions, the policyholder’s rights and what would be considered false advertising by insurers.

Texas Department of Insurance – The Texas Department of Insurance oversees all insurance companies and ensures they are following the rules and regulations under the law. Insurance providers who break these laws may face disciplinary action from the department. In addition, the worker’s compensation system as provided by the Labor Code is administered by the Texas Department of Insurance.

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Resources for Policyholders with Property Damage

United Policyholders | UP – Visit the official website for United Policyholders, a non-profit whose mission is to be a trustworthy and useful information resource for policyholders. Access the site to learn about their various programs, find their extensive resources for all types of insurance disputes, and buying tips for when you’re looking to purchase insurance.

Insurance Information Institute (III) – Visit the official website for the Insurance Information Institute (III), which is an organization whose mission is to provide information to policyholders so they can make educated decisions, manage their risks, and get the full value out of their insurance policy.

Texas Disaster Preparedness – Visit the official website for the Texas Government to learn more about the state’s plan to minimize loss from a natural disaster. Access the site to learn more information about the state’s emergency management teams, the current highway conditions, their disaster preparedness plan, and tips on how to stay safe during a natural disaster.

National Disaster Recovery – Visit the official website for National Disaster Recovery, a database dedicated to helping policyholders understand their property damage so they can more successfully file a claim. Access their site to read their articles on water damage, how to plan for a natural disaster, and how to protect your business from property damage.

Montgomery Floodplain Maps – Visit the official website for Montgomery County to utilize their flood mapping tool for Montgomery County provided by FEMA. Flood damage and flooding is one of the most common property damage claims filed in the state of Texas and is often denied. Use the tool to determine if you’re in a flood zone and what your closest evacuation routes are.

Emergency Plan in The Woodlands | Get Ready – Visit the official website for the Woodlands Township to learn about it’s Get Ready program for emergency man-made or natural disasters. Enter the site to read the steps of their emergency preparedness plan, how to report a concern, and gain access to emergency resources.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration | NOAA –  Visit the official website for NOAA, which provides weather, water, climate data forecasts, and disaster warnings to Texas residents. Access the site to learn the latest watches, warnings and advisories.

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Montgomery County Property Claims Attorney in TX

If your insurance company unjustly denies or underpays your claim, let the attorneys at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC carry the burden of dealing with your insurance company for you.  The Woodlands property insurance attorneys at  LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC have experience negotiating with insurance companies and will fight to help you recover the benefits owed to you under your policy.

Set up your case evaluation with the attorneys at LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC today by calling (866) 984-4556. We will have a Montgomery County property claims lawyer review your claim and determine the coverages available to you under your property insurance policy. LeMaster & Ahmed, PLLC accepts clients throughout the greater Montgomery County area including Conroe, The Woodlands, Houston, Montgomery, Panorama Village, Pinehurst, Oak Ridge North, Splendora, Magnolia, and New Caney.