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Dallas Is Still Handling Damage from October Tornadoes

It was on October 20th, 2019 when many Texans had their daily lives changes forever. That Sunday night a recorded 10 tornadoes tore through the North Dallas area. The National Weather Service surveyors determined that the tornadoes were on the ground for more than 15 miles and tore up a path of about three-quarters of a mile wide. It was estimated that the tornadoes produced winds up to 140 miles per hour which caused excessive damage.

The city was not prepared for a storm so massive as it had been more than 40 years since a tornado this strong had hit Dallas. It resulted in one of the costliest tornado aftermaths in Texas history according to the Insurance Council of Texas. Along the tornado’s path it was littered with uprooted trees, snapped utility poles, decimated houses, and other various types of destruction. That Monday morning nearly 100,000 Texas residents were without power in the Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area. In total, the damage caused by the tornadoes was expected to be up to 2 billion.

It has now been approximately 90 days since the tornadoes devastated everything in that 15-mile radius. Most of the debris has been swept away into dumpsters and are sitting outside of establishments such as Planet Fitness at the corner of Marsh and Walnut Lane. There are wrangled homes, ripped up chain-link fences, and caved in roofs to townhomes, shops, grocery stores and other buildings at every block. Although the tornadoes happened months ago the town has made little to no repairs or attempt to rebuild any buildings. Instead of construction zones building up new businesses the area looks as if it’s stuck in time to when the storm hit.

So, what’s caused this community to be at a standstill? Well a large part of it involves the insurance companies covering these businesses and homes. Some insurers are offering low-ball settlements that can hardly cover the expenses needed to rebuild the buildings. Others have issues getting the insurance to provide coverage to rebuild the whole structure. Numerous small businesses will be unable to recover their business and may be forced to close because they simply have nowhere to go unless the insurance companies properly pay claims, enabling their landlords to rebuild.

The destruction has caused many residents to barely stomach the drive in and out of their town. Witnessing the crushed homes and warped remains of buildings have caused many Dallas citizens to bang down on city hall’s doors for answers. Citizens gathering together may help the community as a whole, but for some businesses the only solution is to find legal representation. If you or someone you know has had issues with their insurer for tornado damage, it’s important you secure legal counsel. Your insurance company may be acting in bad faith, which means they are using deceptive means to underpay your settlement or avoid coverage.

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This article was last updated on January 23, 2020. 

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